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DELL Latitude 3190

DELL Latitude 3190

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Arrives free in 3-4 business days.

Ficha técnica

¡Para usuarios móviles y estudiantes! Lleva la Dell Latitude 3190. Con un ágil Intel Celeron N4120, pantalla de 11.6", 4GB de RAM y 64GB de disco, es ideal para trabajos ligeros y actividades académicas. ¡Una oportunidad imperdible por su precio y rendimiento! 💻📚🌟

Ayuda ambiental

Cada equipo Rematech® preserva 5.5 árboles plantados por 10 años, 190 mil lt agua y 1200 kg de recursos planetarios diversos.

Includes generic charger

The charger is generic specifically for the model of your equipment. It works 100, the net!


  • Protect the screen: Avoid placing objects on your device or closing it with objects between the screen and the keyboard.
  • Avoid dust and dirt: Clean your equipment regularly with a soft cloth to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating at the entrances and exits.
  • Keep it cool: Make sure to keep your gear on a flat surface and not block the vents.
  • Backup: Make regular backups of your important data to avoid loss in case of madness.
  • Proper use: avoid hitting or mistreating your laptop and use it properly, don't mess with it.

Certified Refurbished

Our teams go through a super cool reconditioning process that helps us deliver the best for you.

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Sustainable Technology

We seek to inspire and educate others about the transformative power of responsible innovation, promoting the use of technological solutions that are friendly to the environment, socially responsible, and that contribute to building a more sustainable future for our planet and the next generations.


"Sustainability is taking care of the present and ensuring the future, balancing the needs of the planet, people and prosperity."

Sustainability Benefits

Being sustainable allows us to reduce operating costs, improve efficiency, attract conscious consumers and employees, strengthen brand reputation and contribute to building a better future for the planet and the communities in which we operate.