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Visit our store and discover a wide variety of equipment. There is more than one ideal for you.

  • super accessible

    Wow! Save up to 60% against new equipment. Here, technology is for everyone.

  • ultra guaranteed

    You calm down! We certify our processes to guarantee you an incredible product.

  • A new life

    Better or the same as a new product! Make the most of our equipment and improve your life.

  • friendly with the planet

    Thank you so much! Your purchase helps reduce electronic waste in the world.

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Nuestros clientes

  • Estudiantil

    For the guys. Goodbye to cyber and fights over the computer. Enjoy the comfort of doing all your tasks from home.

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  • Ejecutivo

    For the Godinezes. You will be the envy of work and the office. Enjoy the productivity of your new elegant equipment.

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  • Profesional

    For those past green. Experience the real performance! Anything is possible in your powerful new team.

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  • Gamer

    For the misunderstood. Forget about the real world. It will be impossible to stop playing on your amazing new team.

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Super accessible and sustainable technology for everyone

Each Rematech® team is an opportunity for life and a new beginning. Find your ideal team according to your style, needs and possibilities. This is only the starting point.


Frequent questions

Rematech® Guarantee Certificate

Easy returns without excuses for 30 days. Hi Rematech® 120-day immediate equipment replacement warranty. Goodbye eternally hateful guarantees.

Rematech® quality certificate

We develop a very strict process of reconditioning and quality certification. Our equipment is 100% functional. Better than or the same as a new one!

Rematech® Certificate of Origin

We recover equipment for business or educational use. 100% collected and recovered in the USA. 100% reconditioned and certified in Mexico.

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