Mayor productividad a través del acceso a la tecnología adecuada


Contributes to reducing the environmental footprint of technology in the education sector


3.6 kg of CO2 or 5.5 trees planted for 10 years

190,000 liters of water

1,200 kg of various planetary resources


Sustainable technology for education


Exclusive affiliation program for schools, universities, educational institutes, educational centers, public or private, located within the Mexican Republic.


Make synergy in favor of technological inequity and/or enhance learning, mainly for technologically marginalized students who want to improve their lives through accessible, guaranteed and sustainable technology, with adequate advice and without compromising their assets.

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  • Educatech® Certification

    You can use the Educatech® badge, validated by Rematech® Mexico and its strategic alliances, to indicate that your school acquires sustainable technology.

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Our certificates

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Rematech® quality certificate

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Rematech® Certificate of Origin

We recover equipment for business or educational use. 100% collected and recovered in the USA. 100% reconditioned and certified in Mexico.

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